And the winner is… Me!!!

‘Like, share, tag, most original reason will win!’

My New Year’s eve outfit popped in mind when I saw the Double Stitched Custom Made Clutch. It would be the perfect accessory for my Carrie-skirt (find an alternative, less big one here)! And apparently Rosalinde from Come into Bloom thought the same. What do they say about great minds think alike?!?

No seriously, if I’m half as fashionable as Rosalinde I’m a lucky girl! You should definitely check out her little fashion heaven online. She doesn’t copy trends, but makes sure that personality stays the number 1 item in your closet. As a result clothes & accessories will make you look like you, but better.

Bjorn, the Double Stitched designer, and I met in Antwerp so I could meet me new BCF (Best Clutch Forever). I fell in love instantly! The leather is so soft, it feels like a babies bum, the size is exactly perfect and I love the closure! But what I like the most is that you see & feel that it’s handcrafted; it gives that extra je ne sais quoi to my BCF! You really should check out his site, cause the cognac version is gorgeous as well!

Thank you Rosalinde & Bjorn for giving me my BCF! I love it and wear it all the time

(even keep it in my Neverfull when I need a bigger bag)!

Xoxo B

Rosalinde’s bite of the big apple:

The first time she visited NY hurricane Irine was in town. The streets were deserted and dark; too dangerous to go outside she had to stay in her hotel room for days. She could only run to the deli on the corner for food and candles! Not exactly the dream trip you imagined…but quite a special experience nevertheless :)!

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