2015, this is my year

When 2015 was coming Pinterest and Instagram were floated with good intentions and quotes. ‘This is my year’ kept popping up, so I took it by heart and made it mine.


2015 will be my year! After spending the last years in what feels like a rat race and looking back a lot seemed to be done in survival modus it’s time to take a step back and nourish my mind, body and soul again. Going back to what I want and making sure that 2015 will not be filled with never ending to-do lists, but filled with what-have-I-achieved lists.

Cara Alwill, The Champagne Diet, started it all with her post on turning selfish into self-love. I admit sometimes it is easier to focus on other people’s wishes and happiness than on my own. So time to look what I want to achieve and what makes me happy this year and take matters in my own hands. What better guide can there be than one with glitter and glam? Starting to fill the pages with a lot of action steps!

Becoming a stronger person will not just happen on the inside, but also on the outside (or is that the inside as well?).

Anyway, my frolleague introduced me to Cassey & Blogilates and it was love at first sight. Not every muscle and body part would agree with the love part, but like Cassey says ‘Sore today, Strong tomorrow’. What I like most about her youtube channel is the structure (you can download your monthly workout calendar) and you can do it in the safety of your own home (don’t want to cause accidents when you laugh so hard of the sight of me struggling with my abs) and her movies are rather short (you’ll need to do several movies in a row though). Call me crazy, but I have the idea that after 3 weeks it is slightly showing…

Okay… I might be crazy cause I fell for the Tiny Tea detox hype. I’ve been seeing stunning before/ after pictures and I went for it. I don’t believe in miracles (or at least not the diet kind of miracles, but still believe in prince charmings, unicorns and waking up to a closet as beautiful as the one of Carrie). But we get distracted, Your Tea is not about dieting, it’s about herbs and a healthy lifestyle. Exactly what I need, get back on track to feeling strong and healthy in and outside.

Keep you posted on the results. I did take a before picture. Show it to you? Well that will depend on the post picture…

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… I wonder if an episode from Once upon a time a day keeps the doctor away… keep you posted! Got to go and nourish my Netflix addiction cause after all that hard work  I need some relaxation.

Xoxo, B


A bite of the big apple:

I think that you all know by now how much I’m intrigued by everything New York City Related. My NYC love introduced me to Cara Alwill and her Champagne Diet (just in case you don’t know it’s not about a food diet). Ever since Cara added a sparkling touch & some glamour to my life. Just what I love!

You can sign up for private or group coaching or free cocktail power calls. But what I have highly on my to achieve list is her VIP Day at the Plaza! Brainstorming together on how I can make my NYC dreams into reality, my passion into my job and my worries into happiness. Yes, exactly my cup of tea (or more appropriate, my flute of champagne), focusing on your goals in the luxury of the Plaza. It will make me feel inspired and on top of the world. Start spreading the news…

First things first, I’ll start with my Glitter, Guts & Glam Program! Keep an eye on the blog for the result and in the mean time… enjoy a glass of champagne.

photo credit ( a bite of the big apple): Cara Alwill








Winter Efteling: a fairytale beginning of 2015…

Found us a new tradition to start the year! We spend the first 2 days at the Efteling. Surrounded by our besties and all famous fairytales we had the time of our life.

What I personally love about this place is that it still looks like my own child memories; Olle Bolle Gijs still wants to eat your paper, the donkey from Table Be Laid still poops golden coins and Carnaval Festival is still about red noses…although you don’t get them anymore at the end of the ride.

Feeling on top of the world when we can go on a ride just the 4 of us…

Meeting the characters in real life was the icing on the cake…

Love is going to the Efteling with your Amour…

At the end of the Python we needed something stronger than DubbelFriss…

The foursome has the coolest LN Knits gear to stay warm…

Doing it all on one day might be a challenge, but no worries you can stay for the night at the Efteling Hotel. Bunk beds, red dancing shoes hidden in the closet and Haribo Bears on your cushion… do you need anything else for sweet dreams?

Don’t forget… a selfie is an elfie in the Efteling…

The snow and the start of 2015 where everything is possible only added to the magic of the Winter Efteling. All of it reflected in the sparkle of the Foursomes eyes, the tinkling in their laughter and the warmth of our own memories.

Xoxo, B


A bite of the big apple:

Galli theater is your stop for fairytales in NY.

This theater brings you all the famous fairytales while interacting with you during the show. Cause which petit wants to stay quite when Cinderella is dancing with her prince charming?

Petits who are feeling all Broadwayish can engage in the after show workshop where they learn to do a warm up like a real actor.

Do you think I’m too old for a birthday party at Galli Theater? Afer all, I only become 30 once…every year…🙂. I did create my own fairytale birthday a couple of years ago… the spell: you will turn 30 every year as long as you get away with it (and that’s why I use Shisheido products… they make me look like a 30-year old).

Galli Theater, 151 West 26th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave), New York

Happy New Year!

For all the ones I love,

For all of you I don’t know in person,

For all of those who aren’t covered in the first 2 groups:

Happy New Year!

love, hugs and kisses for 2015

Ma petite, aka Elsa, has a big wish for all of you…

ps: Mimi, don’t watch this, you get the live version tonight!

xoxo, B

Book week: If I stay from Gayle Forman


One minute she’s singing and laughing with her family, the next she wakes up in the middle of terror. A few seconds ago those pieces of metal were a car, devastating by what she sees and oh groose… is that her father’s brain she’s standing in?

Just like that Mia’s life is upside down. Tomorrow looks totally different than yesterday. Is there still a future? What is the state of mind she’s in? Is she alive? Death? Nobody around to ask is this what life looks like…

If I stay is not a scientific or religious view on life and death. But a beautiful classic story on love. Love for your family, love for your friends, love for your loved one, but most of all about love for life.

Don’t forget your box of Kleenex when you start reading about Mia’s hardest decision she will ever make.

You can see the movie, but I’ll probably skip it. Cause the magic happens in the words. Especially when Mia’s grandfather says he understands if she decides on leaving…

Heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time. When you finish the book you need a moment to recover from it. A moment to consider what would you do if you were Mia? If I stay will stay with you through the next weeks and make you realize how much you love those you love.

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it.

Xoxo, B


A bite of the big apple:

Mia is a talented cellist player. She inherited her parents music genes and auditioned for the famous Juilliard school in New York right before the accident.

Founded in 1905, the Juilliard School sets the standard high for its students. There are only 850 students from 40 countries so you can imagine getting in is not really easy…not to mention the intuition fee of $36,720.

But the list of prices won by Juilliard alumni is impressive! More than 105 Grammy Awards, 62 Tony Awards, 47 Emmy Awards, 26 Bessie Awards, 24 Academy Awards, 16 Pulitzer Prizes, and 12 National Medals for the Arts and this list will only grow.

Book yourself a ticket at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater and be amazed by all the beauty the Juilliard students have to offer…

Juilliard School, 60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York

Peter Jay Sharp Theater , 155 W 65th St, New York

Book week: the sexiest reading accessory by Warby Parker

In contrast to Carrie I don’t have a problem admitting I need reading glasses. I think they are the sexiest reading accessory you can have!

Just like updating your coat, shoes and sweaters it’s time to update your glasses for winter.

Look no further, Warby Parker is your reading partner in crime this winter (and every other season for that matter)!

8 new shapes and 6 new colors; stainless steel mixed with acetate, bold black, shiny silver, warm wood,… all here to make sure you look amazing this season! I know, I know, but which one to choose?!? If you really can’t choose…you can have 5 glasses on your doorstep and test them all!

1/ Duo tone Vaughan glasses 2/ Princess Wedges 3/ Cool tattoo 4/ First Coffee 5/BE NY

1/ Warm Talbot 2/ Cosy Charlene 3/ Sacred Fire 4/ Or tea? 5/ if I stay

1/ Less is more Verne 2/ Double Stitched Laptop Sleeve 3/ Personalize Moleskine Notebook 4/ Instant Pictures Fujifilm 5/ How blog works

The best feature for me? The anti-scratch coating which makes their glasses mum & child proof (ma petite has the habit to finish her outfit with mummy’s glasses).

Sorry, I’m wrong.

The best feature of Warby Parker glasses is their cooperation with VisionSpring to help people in non-profit countries to have access to affordable eyewear. Read all about their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair goal and find out how your new pair of glasses makes a difference!

No excuse if you don’t wear glasses, they have sunglasses as well! I know, they thought of everything😉.

Don’t forget to tag me with your Warby Parker eyewear!

Xoxo, B


A bite of the big apple:

Good cause, limited edition, kids, creation & NY! All of it in 1 sentence no surprise that I’m hooked. Warby Parker and 826NYC worked together to design a limited edition and support the creativity of New York kids. And the good thing? This one is for grown ups!

Round lenses + squared off keyhole = perfect classic New York Style!

826NYC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Our services are structured around our belief that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success.’

Check here for the nearest Warby Parker in NY.